Livin’ In a World Without You recycled pouch





Livin’ In a World Without You recycled pouch.

The Rasmus tour backdrop bags, gym sacks and pouches available now – limited edition.

*The First bunch was sold out immediately, we just got more stock – Be fast to get yours!

Get a piece of The Rasmus touring history with bags, gymsacks and pouches. All the products are made from the actual backdrops the band has used on tour throughout the years.
So in purchasing yours, you will not only be doing the environment aware choice, as the fabric is being recycled and repurposed, but each piece is also unique. No two are alike. The products are hand made in Finland.

Note: Due the fact that each bag is unique and made of different parts of the backdrop, the item you’ll receive may vary from the product picture.

Size: 10,5 X 8 cm

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht100 g
Größe15 × 15 × 1 cm


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